Establishing a Sound Corporate Governance Framework: A Guide for Resource Companies


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Companies with strong corporate governance practices and diverse Boards are better equipped to navigate the complex challenges of the resource sector, remain competitive in the market, and position themselves for long-term success.

At the Bedford Group, we are committed to supporting resource companies in their pursuit of effective corporate governance and the creation of a well-rounded Board. Our expertise in executive search and Board services can help identify and recruit Board members with the necessary skill sets and expertise to navigate the unique challenges of the resource sector. 

In this article, we introduce a framework that Board leaders can use to identify where they are in their path to achieving effective corporate governance. The framework outlines recommendations for five key areas:

  1. The Board: Roles and Responsibilities 
  2. Composition and Appointment 
  3. Skills Matrix
  4. Commitment and Transparency
  5. Committees 

By focusing on these recommendations, Board leaders can promote better decision-making, accountability, and ethical behavior within their organizations. They can also develop a well-rounded Board that represents diverse perspectives and experiences, which can ultimately lead to improved company performance and stakeholder satisfaction.

Click to access Bedford Group Transearch’s framework for establishing sound corporate governance.

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