Increasing public scrutiny, competition, and funding constraints make finding the right leaders more important than ever in the not-for-profit sector.

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From socially conscious associations to charitable foundations, not-for-profit institutions enhance our quality of life and play a defining role in our society. Leaders of these impactful enterprises are tasked with substantial responsibility.

Bedford Group Transearch specializes in helping Not-for-Profits identify, attract and retain mission-driven, highly principled and strategic executives.

Increasing public scrutiny, competition and funding constraints are common challenges for this industry. Through decades of experience, Bedford Group Transearch has amassed extensive industry knowledge which significantly informs us as we conduct robust executive searches. Leveraging our unique and proprietary talent search and management tools, we assess candidates against the four essential dimensions of fit: Culture, Leadership, Performance and Team. This enables Bedford to identify leaders who will bring a strategic focus and provide responsible fiscal judgment, successfully leading Not-for-Profits towards achieving their vision, mission and values.

Across North America, Bedford Group Transearch has completed hundreds of senior executive searches in the Not-for-Profit industry over the last decade. Our team of search consultants consists of dedicated professionals with extensive experience.

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Frank Galati

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