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The commercial real estate landscape is rapidly evolving. Has your talent strategy evolved with it?

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Changing customer expectations and needs driven by the shift to remote work, advances in digitization, intense market-driven competition and globalization, has led to an unprecedented pace of disruption, uncertainty and change.

Given the entrepreneurial and dynamic nature of the real estate industry, the importance of financially savvy, creative and forward-thinking leaders who can accelerate organizational agility and respond to evolving business needs and customer expectations is paramount.

With a deep understanding of the real estate sector, trends and challenges, Bedford Consulting Group brings a world-class executive search process and proprietary leadership assessment tools which enable us to recruit and assess exceptional senior leaders across the industry, including investors, residential and commercial developers and asset managers. Bedford Group’s internationally recognized process involves finding the best candidates by comparatively assessing how well they will ‘fit’ with your organization based on culture, performance, leadership and team. This empowers organizations to choose not merely the best candidates, but the RIGHT leaders.

In North America, Bedford Group has completed numerous senior executive searches in Real Estate over the last decade. Our team of search consultants consists of dedicated professionals with extensive experience.

Some of our clients include:

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Howard Pezim

Howard Pezim

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Jessica Pezim

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Victoria Ritchie

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