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As advancements in AI continue to evolve and become more pervasive, forward-thinking organizations are making AI a cornerstone of their business. We have a proven track record recruiting exemplary CAIOs.

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The role of Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO) will increasingly become a pivotal senior leader. Well-versed in AI technology with a demonstrated ability to apply cutting-edge innovation across the business, the CAIO will be critical to driving growth, high-tech advancements and profitability.

Bedford Group Transearch is keenly aware the CAIO must be a dynamic leader who leverages expertise in data, cloud computing and machine learning. They must possess proven change management skills, and introduce novel solutions to support sustained business transformation. As AI evolves from a technology trend to business as usual, organizations will adapt, with the CAIO becoming a highly sought-after executive position. In collaboration with Dr Cindy Gordon at SALESCHOICE, Bedford Group has hosted a number of roundtables to advance C-Level leadership in helping our clients modernize their organizational design, governance and operating practices to ensure trusted AI.


Bedford Group brings a world-class, robust executive search process and proprietary leadership assessment tools to help recruit exemplary CAIOs. Our unique process involves finding the best candidates by assessing how well they will ‘fit’ with your organization based on culture, performance, leadership and team. This empowers organizations to choose not merely the best candidates, but the RIGHT leaders.

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