How effectively are you managing your employee culture? 

Leaders overwhelmingly agree an organization’s culture has never been more essential to future success. The problem? Top teams don’t invest enough meaningful time on culture.

Through the Bedford culture workup process, we collaboratively engage the leadership team in creating a business-oriented culture map. The power of this process is that the map provides a clear visual image developed by the leadership team regarding the culture needed to win in tomorrow’s turbulent marketplace. This frames many key business imperatives such as strategy and the critical talent necessary for success.

At the end of the session the team will:

  1. Understand why organization culture is a business imperative;
  2. Be versed in how to have the culture conversation;
  3. Have measured today’s and the future’s (needed) culture;
  4. Have established priorities and allocated responsibilities;
  5. Have reached consensus around the role culture plays in building future competitive advantage.

The workshop outcomes will be captured in a report that the client will receive shortly after the session.

Culture & employee engagement

Studies show that two years after an executive is hired, anywhere between a third or more are regarded as a failures or disappointments. There are a good many reasons. The most significant, however, is lack of culture fit – failure of adjustment to either the current or needed culture.
Effective talent acquisition and management must embrace a robust assessment of “culture fit.” The challenge? From our own research and that of others, only about one organization in five is managing it’s culture. Are you managing your culture? The simple assessment that follows will start to answer that question.

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