Turning Disruption into Innovation: How to Lead Through COVID-19

Five Key Learning Opportunities During This Crisis

The time to lead with decisive action and navigate a crisis successfully is upon us.  The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting businesses in every sector across the globe. But with this adversity comes an unprecedented opportunity. The truly great leaders can take this disruption, learn from it and turn it into extraordinary innovation. As former Chicago Mayor and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel once said, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste… it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Here are five key learning opportunities to help you lead through this crisis and beyond.

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What We Do

Bedford Consulting Group was established in 1979, and we have grown to become one of Canada’s leading privately-held executive search firms. Bedford is the Canadian Partner of Transearch International, with 60 offices in 39 countries. We have four offices in Canada — Toronto, Oakville, Calgary and Vancouver.

Bedford’s talent strategy goes beyond traditional executive search, partnering with clients on business transformation, organizational effectiveness, benchmarking, executive compensation and coaching, as well as organizational team and culture diagnostics.

Our business is making your organization better.

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Value Proposition

Experienced Team

Our team is comprised of expert search consultants that bring a mix of Executive Search and direct industry experience. We pride ourselves on being hands on with our clients and as such, a devoted search team including a Principal, Research Consultant and Administrative Support, will be led by a Partner throughout the search process.

Track record of performance

We are consistently ranked as a top performing office globally within the Transearch Partnership of 60 offices and take pride in our industry leading 93% retention rate (three years post hire).

Industry expertise

With a 38-year history and track record of performance in the executive search industry. We have deep relationships at the leadership level across Canada’s key industry verticals. We are a recognized member company of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), which sets the standards and ethical guidelines for the global Executive Search Industry.

Proprietary assessment tools

We invest significant time upfront with our clients utilizing proprietary diagnostic and assessment tools to develop a robust understanding of your organization’s current and emerging requirements across the four dimensions of fit.

Global capabilities, boutique service

Bedford has global reach through our 60 Transearch International offices. We provide our clients with the optimal balance of global capability alongside the hands on, client focused service delivery of a boutique firm.

Focus on fit

We utilize proprietary diagnostic tools to measure the four unique dimensions of fit for every engagement with our clients. This allows us to look beyond the candidate resume and better predict the probability of success for a potential leader.


The Orxestra Method


Measure and assess culture:
today and tomorrow







The right candidate

Sharing the
organization's story

Integration workbook:
Without Breaking Stride

From: The EMPTY SUIT. John O. Burdett (2016)

The Critical dimensions of fit



Extensive Reach. Local connection.

Through our partnership in TRANSEARCH International, we have the network, support, research capabilities and databases to locate and connect with the right talent for complex global search engagements.

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5,000+ completed searches over the past 25 years.

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