Enhance your new leader’s success and performance with our structured virtual onboarding.

Successful leadership integration directly impacts culture, morale, and productivity.

Delivered collaboratively with Teal & Co., our structured virtual onboarding process provides an onboarding experience, delivered virtually, that considers all the key elements required to establish a leader successfully and efficiently, including:

  • A program that leverages technology to deliver key and personalized onboarding initiatives
  • Opportunities for stakeholder introductions and relationship-building
  • A clearly defined process that outlines each step and stage to acclimate a new leader

Leadership integration and virtual onboarding

Our partner

Teal and Co. is an innovative boutique Talent Strategy and Human Resources consultancy that provides a customized suite of services and solutions in organizational effectiveness, leadership development and assessment throughout Canada and the United States. Teal is Bedford’s exclusive partner when delivering talent management services to our clients.

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