Webinar 3 on May 28: Tech CEO’s on How to Build Viability in the Covid Crisis


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Viability can require businesses to stay true to their core, or to pivot entirely. What factors influence the decision? Here is a McKinsey report on how a business’ minimal viable nerve centeris key to responding to a crisis. To aid the timeline decision making, MMC guides us how to build near-term viability while this Torys article show how businesses can prepare for the long tail of a pandemic.

SalesChoice will be hosting the last of our 3-part webinar”Surviving Today & Thriving Tomorrow Post-Corona” on May 28, on How to Build Your Viability in these challenging times. Register at the link to hear Patrik Berglund (CEO at Xeneta),Dagmar Schuller (CEO at audEERING) and Paul Zak (CEO at Immersion) as they discuss how to leapfrog and use this crisis to leverage the opportunity this creates, and how you can survive today, and thrive post-Corona.


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