Webinar 2 on May 21: Tech CEO’s on How to Build Momentum in the Covid Crisis


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It’s Team SalesChoice, an Award-winning AI sales productivity app available for you on Salesforce AppExchange. We hope you are keeping safe! Here’s an invite to our second webinar with tech CEOs and Leaders on how to build momentum during the Covid crisis.

It is equally important to build and maintain momentum, but is it possible in a crisis? IBM presents a report on how a team can turn mayhem into momentum. But as this CHRO shows us, there are human elements to consider to build that momentum. This Forbes article then takes it to the next step by outlining how you can maintain momentum in a crisis.

SalesChoice will be hosting the second of our 3-part webinar “Surviving Today & Thriving Tomorrow Post-Corona” on May 21, on How to Build Momentum in these challenging times. Hear Mark Organ (Chairman at Influitive) , Sachin Dev Duggal (CEO at Builder.ai), and Roland Hallebeek (CEO at Scotty Technologies) as they discuss how to cut through the noise and break the filters, and how to create momentum, keep it going and grow it as we get out of this crisis.

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