Webinar 1 on May 14: Tech CEO’s on How to Deliver Value in the COVID Crisis


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It’s Team SalesChoice, an Award-winning AI sales productivity app available for you on Salesforce AppExchange. Here’s an invite to join CEO’s & leaders in tech on how to thrive through a crisis like COVID.

Delivering value in the time of crisis can have multiple facets. Gartner stresses upon the need to look internally to create a resilient business model in the face of Covid-19. On the other hand, this WalkMe blog focusses on 3 ways to secure your existing customers. The MIT SMR article, meanwhile, detailsgrowth opportunities for brands during the Covid-19 crisis.

SalesChoice will be hosting the first of our 3-part webinar series “Surviving Today & Thriving Tomorrow Post-Corona” on May 14, on How to Deliver Value in these challenging times. Register now to hear Timothy Willis (CRO, Aerobotics), Len Georgiou (President, RLDatix), and Olin Hyde (CEO, LeadCrunch) as they discuss why it’s essential to understand where you can make the most significant difference for your ideal customers, and where your good intentions would be wasted.



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