Virtual Employment: Don’t Assume One Size Fits All


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Change rarely follows a smooth, uninterrupted, linear path. It is far more likely to be a relatively short period of frantic activity, followed by an extended phase of catch up, consolidation and commitment building. The COVID-19 crisis? Think about it as a fast-acting, cultural accelerant. Changes that, in other circumstances, would have evolved over several years have been enacted in a matter of weeks. One organization change, in particular, has been pervasive – millions of workers, in all parts of the world, have been forced to work remotely.


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This article explores the following questions:

  1. Are the potential benefits of moving to a virtual employment base being fully realised?
  2. When it comes to working virtually, have we made the mistake of assuming one size fits all?
  3. Have we revisited what it means to be a leader in a virtual world?
  4. Does the organization culture and overall organization design support a headlong flight into virtual work as the overall employment philosophy beyond COVID-19?
  5. Have we sharpened our saw when it comes to the virtual interview and online learning?