The 2022 Report- Board & Executive Compensation in the Biotech Industry


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Bedford Group Transearch Life Sciences today announced their annual publication of The 2022 Executive & Board Compensation Report in the Biotechnology industry. This report details findings from an analysis of compensation composition and earnings for Named Executive Officers (NEOs) and Board Members of 200+ micro and small-cap Biotechnology companies across the United States.

This insightful and complimentary resource was developed to aid Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical organizations in developing compensation strategies that attract, engage, and retain top executive talent.

This report provides insight on:

  • Compensation (Base Salary, Annual Incentive Plans, Equity) analysis and best practices based on 1,264 individual board members and 745 NEOs.
  • The rising proportion of female CEOs and NEOs as well as female and visible minority Board Members across the industry.
  • Executive officer termination clauses and change of control event clauses.
  • Year over Year comparison of Biotech industry compensation practices.