Bedford Group TRANSEARCH’s Human Resources Executive Survey Results


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It’s hard to deny that the past two years have had a transformative impact on businesses. Hybrid work models, widespread digital access, virtual collaboration and accelerated innovation are welcome outcomes of the pandemic. At the same time, other long-term impacts such as employee burnout and widespread talent scarcity are becoming increasingly apparent and difficult to navigate. Bedford Group TRANSEARCH and Teal & Co. partner with HR leaders to deliver executive search and talent strategy solutions, which has provided first-hand insight into the challenges and opportunities that they face in today’s complex environment.  

Given our expertise and unique perspective into the North American Talent market, for the past decade Bedford Group Transearch has hosted numerous HR leader roundtables to facilitate thought leadership and peer-to-peer dialogue with the goal of shared learning. For the past three years, we have also taken the opportunity to hear from Canadian and US HR leaders in order to better understand how they are seeing their respective organizations change in the face of uncertainty. Our hope is that this snapshot report will provide valuable insight.