2021 HR Leaders Survey Results


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Nearly 60% of HR leaders surveyed believed their onboarding programs, leadership training curriculums and talent acquisition initiatives need to be completely redesigned or reworked to accommodate a new post-pandemic reality.

To adjust to a post-COVID work environment reality and to position organizations for continued success, flexibility around how and where we work is paramount. Bedford Group Transearch and Teal & Co’s expertise in partnering with HR leaders to provide executive search and talent strategy solutions has provided first-hand experience with the trials, tribulations, challenges and opportunities that HR leaders faced over the past year and that will set the context for 2022 and beyond.

Given this unique positioning at the nexus of change, Bedford Group Transearch facilitated a number of HR leader roundtable sessions throughout the year to provide thought leadership and peer to-peer dialogue with the goal of shared learning. We also took the opportunity to hear from the HR community on their thoughts and perspectives, surveying Canadian and US HR leaders. Our goal was to gain insights we could share on how HR leaders were seeing their respective organizations change in the face of the ongoing crisis and what the lasting impacts might be as we move to a post-COVID reality.

Our hope is that this snapshot report can provide valuable insight to help you approach and position your organization for success in 2022 and beyond.