2020 Bedford Report on Board and Executive Compensation


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The Bedford Consulting Group is excited to present the findings of the 2020 Report on Board and Executive Compensation in the Mining Industry. This report is Bedford’s 11th annual industry-wide survey of compensation awards and practices and provides insights and analysis about the global mining industry, with the main focus being on Canadian mining companies. Following years of low commodity prices, 2020 witnessed increases in commodity prices, especially precious metals. As a result, improved equity valuations have kept pace and impacted overall executive compensation.


Click here or the image below to access the PDF report.

For Boards, executives and shareholders, this report provides valuable insights into compensation and governance from comprehensive data from 295 mining companies listed on the TSX and NYSE in 2019, covering over 1,000 mining industry Named Executive Officers and 1,500 board members. We witnessed frenzied M&A activities, resulting in the disappearance of previous study participants.

The report is an in-depth analysis of compensation for directors, board chairs, committee chairs, and committee members, as well as compensation for NEOs. In addition, Bedford has commented on diversity in the mining industry, and evolving trends in corporate governance.

We have not attempted to determine linkages between executive compensation and growth in shareholder value but we would be pleased to do so by request.

Bedford’s database includes major, mid-tier and junior miners, active in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Latin America and the United States, who are involved in the extraction the extraction, processing or ownership of gold, silver, copper, coal, molybdenum, vanadium, cobalt and other mineral resources.


Click here or the image below to access the PDF report.