We are now able to enhance your efforts as you tackle your most critical executive and talent strategy needs.

Leadership Assessment & Development

Our comprehensive Leadership Assessments allow you to better understand the current capabilities of your leaders, their potential and their areas for continued development.


A highly effective assessment process that provides a leadership success profile which includes:

  • Comprehensive, structured competency-based interviews
  • A thorough analysis of leadership positions, expectations and organizational needs
  • Proven psychometric assessment tools that identify strengths and areas of development
Organizational Strategy

We focus on the strategic alignment of talent programs to the business needs of the organization. Our services are grounded in understanding your business, your industry and your strategy.


An objective review and analysis of your organizational talent and HR function that provides solutions in the following:

  • Organizational Design, reviewing your structure to ensure it supports operational and leadership requirements, reflects an optimal company culture and enables effective succession planning
  • Employee engagement, team dynamic and cultural transformation
  • Human Resource management advisory for day-to-day operational and strategic HR challenges
  • Executive Compensation, aligning your compensation philosophy and practices for a robust program designed to support the achievement of the organization’s aspirations
Leadership Integration & Virtual Onboarding

A structured Virtual Onboarding process will optimize your search investment and enhance your new leader’s performance and ongoing success. Successful Leadership Integration directly impacts culture, morale, and productivity.


An onboarding experience, delivered virtually, that considers all the key elements required to establish a leader successfully and efficiently, including:

  • A program that leverages technology to deliver key and personalized onboarding initiatives
  • Opportunities for stakeholder introductions and relationship-building
  • A clearly defined process that outlines each step and stage to acclimatize a new leader