Talent Scouting

Scouting top talent with the right stuff
for your enterprise takes precision,
focus, and skill.

In today’s hypercompetitive business climate, CEOs and their Boards are increasingly more vigilant – and vocal – in managing enterprise risk and ensuring sustainable business performance. Nowhere is that more evident than in senior executive succession and talent management.

To meet these challenges, Bedford Group has developed a new, unique and customizable Strategic Talent Scouting Service.

Progressive Boards are increasingly required to deal with a multitude of contingencies regarding their senior management team. Proactively, Bedford Group will answer their requirements by preparing an in-depth Talent Scouting Research Report well in advance of their annual talent review, providing the Board with a pragmatic and independent lens on key external talent.

Using the world-class process developed by Dr. John Burdett, the Chief Leadership Advisor with the Bedford Group, a robust multi-dimensional understanding of each designated role at your company is developed. Then, focusing on the CEO and the mission critical senior leadership team members, your company’s Talent Scouting Research Report is developed, providing detailed profiles and Bedford market insight on key talent (both Canadians in-market, expatriates and international candidates) from competitors and related businesses.

Throughout the year, in conjunction with the report, the Bedford Group arranges for you to meet, in a discreet and comfortable fashion, with selected candidates from the Talent Scouting Research Report who have signed a non-disclosure agreement.


This enables you to

  • Have access to real-time benchmarks for your internal talent, enabling you to fully assess their capability compared to the best talent in the marketplace.
  • Proactively build relationships with top talent, providing you with a distinct advantage over other competitor organizations pursuing the same top talent.
  • If and when a critical internal leader leaves your organization, warm relationships with key external talent enable you to decisively and quickly move forward, thereby mitigating the business risk associated with a prolonged key vacancy.

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