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GrowGood is a Los Angeles based nonprofit urban farm with a mission to create urban agricultural programs to empower people and transform communities. Since 2011, GrowGood has worked with The Salvation Army’s Bell Shelter to transform and maintain the 1.5-acre vacant parcel of land adjacent to the shelter into an urban farm. The Bell Shelter (“Shelter”) is the largest homeless shelter west of Mississippi that provides comprehensive transitional care programs for up to 350 homeless men, women, and veterans. GrowGood accomplishes its mission through three main strategies: (1) providing a variety of nutritious, fresh product to the Shelter’s kitchen; (2) providing job training and meaningful resume-building employment opportunities for homeless and other vulnerable populations with the greatest barriers to employment; and (3) managing a therapeutic green space for spiritual and emotional healing.

In 2016, GrowGood delivered more than 7,000 pounds of just-picked, organic product with a market value of over $20,000 to the Shelter’s kitchen. Their increased output is the result of hard work by the farm managers and interns, years of soil rehabilitation, and systematizing their growing and harvesting calendar. 



Transitional Employment Programs

GrowGood launched the Transitional Employment Program with the purpose of training and employing homeless clients in meaningful resume-building, part-time, temporary employment on the farm. Whether hiring for garden help, production staff, or delivery drivers, GrowGood interviews clients in a structured, competitive process. Clients learn and practice principles of success, understand and navigate the hiring/application process, gain work experience, and acquire references. After up to six months of employment, GrowGood provides valuable references and connections to external employment opportunities through partnerships with various companies and organizations such as LA:Rise, America’s Job Center and REDF that are committed to hiring people with greatest barriers to employment.

The Social Enterprise Project

During a critical phase of the organization’s development, GrowGood has conceived and launched a social enterprise involving growing and selling product to restaurants and farmers’ markets. The purpose of the social enterprise is to provide additional paid work opportunities for Shelter residents as well as to provide a revenue stream to make the project sustainable. Their singular focus over the next year is to get GrowGood’s social enterprise business running and generating sustainable revenues.

Food For Life Skills Class

GrowGood offers Food for Life Skills classes for clients enrolled in the Shelter’s addiction recovery program twice a week. He classes focus on nature study, exercise, body-mind connection and movement, mindfulness meditation, nutrition and diet education. Clients learn to cultivate healthy living habits that support physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Growing Diverse Plants

GrowGood now harvests an incredible variety of product throughout the year with the help of their dedicated staff. The 2016 season began with the cultivation of Moringa or (Moringa oliefera) or Miracle Tree. Thanks to Moringa Farms for the generous donation of seed, GrowGood can now cultivate the drought-tolerant Miracle Tree and provide highly-nutritious leaves, seeds, and pods to the shelter’s kitchen. They continue to harvest diverse product throughout the year including fava beans, broccoli, Asian greens, turnips, watermelon, eggplant, and many more.  



The role of the Board is to provide expert advice and industry specific strategic guidance to GrowGood. As a member of the Board, the ideal candidate will collaborate with innovative and inspirational leaders to work with the GrowGood Leadership Team, its entrepreneurs and the global community within which GrowGood actively plays a growing leadership role.

GrowGood is seeking an individual to support the growth of the organization and facilitate deeper connections with existing and potential customers, clients, investors and partners in the local, national and global business communities. He/she will act as an ambassador within his/her respective sector on behalf of GrowGood to bolster its reputation globally.

With an intentional focus on ensuring diversity of thought around the Board of Directors table, leaders with Marketing and Category Management expertise and networked relationships within the Consumer Packaged Goods sector are ideal. 

This is an outstanding opportunity for an accomplished Senior Executive and/or up and coming businessperson who is looking to make a meaningful contribution to their community. He/she will be a strategic, forward thinking leader with a collaborative, innovative and engaging mindset, and a dedication to making a difference.

Please send a confidential resume and cover letter to Sean Hector, Consultant, at or Cierra Henry, Consultant at

For confidential consideration, please email your résumé to select an email address

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